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Parc Y Scarlets Pitchside

At Physport Performance, we make it easy for you to access Elite Sport Physiotherapy services. Osian has over 6 years experience in both semi-professional and professional sport within regional rugby and multisport disciplines. Recognising and understanding the demands placed upon athletes, our approach is tailored to the specific demands of each sport. We engage closely with athletes throughout the rehabilitation process, facilitating a seamless transition to return-to-sport. Our commitment extends beyond recovery, focusing on optimising sports performance and implementing injury prevention strategies. With Physport Performance, your journey to peak athletic well-being is our priority.

Physport Performance is committed to providing accurate injury diagnosis and design personalised rehabilitation programmes specifically to restore optimal function. Located within a fully-equipped gym environment, our clinic uniquely enables us to offer individualised guidance throughout the rehabilitative journey, ensuring a one-on-one focus on your needs. This approach not only facilitates a quicker return to your chosen physical goals, but also instills the confidence needed to independently navigate any gym environment during your recovery.

1:1 Rehabilitation and Gym Coaching
Parc Y Scarlets Pitchside
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